The outdoors is everything.  

Many people retreat to the outdoors for exercise, for food, for fresh air, for an escape and because it may be part of your culture, as it is mine, but it’s also so much more.  Humans have retreated to the wilderness for spiritual reasons since the dawn of civilization.  In other words, ever since there was some place that wasn’t wilderness, people have sought out wilderness.

The wilderness is my life blood.  Everything I do in civilization is for the purpose of returning to the wilderness and everything I do in the wilderness is to keep me centered while in civilization. 


In the wild I cannot avoid the presence of God.  He is everywhere and in all things.

In the wild, especially while hunting and fishing, I am intimately connected to my ancestors.  Not just the tough Scots-Irish men and Cherokee women of Appalachia that I am most recently descended from, but from all of my human ancestors.

In the wild I can teach my daughter about life more easily than anywhere else.  Everything from being prepared and making smart decisions to the phases of life and to death itself.

In the wild my body and soul are tested and renewed.

In the wild everything in civilization is put into its proper perspective.

In the wild I am able to find the right answers because I am free to ask the right questions.

These things do not make me special.  These things make me human.


At Mountain Climer, I do not have all the right answers, my goal is simply to ask all the right questions.