2019 - The Year of Indiana Whitetail

Last year, I went all in on Colorado elk.  I spent the better part of the year obsessing over and preparing for the hunt that I went on in November.  As many of you read, I had a litany of problems and it didn’t go as planned, but it was awesome.  When I got back, I wrote about it and with the help of my buddy Mark, I edited the film. When it was all done, I was burnt out. 

I’ve been taking a little break from hunting in general lately.  I’m still reading articles (especially regarding the CWD fear mongering and the possible cure for it) but I’m way behind on podcasts and other things.  I am getting ready to start a new job (a legit one, not some temporary or crap job like I’ve been working for the last year) and I’m getting ready to start my M.B.A. at Colorado State in May.  I’m going to have a lot on my plate this year.  That, and going home for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary, is why 2019 is going to be the year of the Indiana whitetail.  

I’m looking forward to going home and doing the type of hunting I did when I first started.  And on top of that, my step-dad has the land rights acquired, has the truck, will set up the tree stands and can be there to help me at harvest.  All I have to do is buy a license and show up with my camo, blaze orange and my .30-06.  Winer, winner, venison dinner.  If I’m able, I hope to join my buddy Jeff for some duck hunting as well, something I’ve never done.  

I will buy my Colorado Small Game and Fishing license in 2019 as well as preference points for elk and possibly a pronghorn tag.  Though I highly doubt the big bulls up in the northwest corner of the state are worried about me, I’m giving them a year of reprieve.  But, as Arnold once said, “I’ll be back.”