Legal and Moral Are Not Synonyms

I hear hunters all the time say, “You’re a hater, what I’m doing is legal.”  As if legality somehow justifies an immoral action. Many of these same hunters would tell you abortion is immoral, though it is legal in most places still.  Slavery was once legal as well and I think we can all agree that wasn’t moral.

Life can be difficult to navigate sometimes.  This is why we create systems such as religion and the law to guide us – we’re looking for objective truth (at least many of us are).  However, these same systems, created by imperfect men, are imperfect and if we’re lazy, will often lead us astray.  It is of the utmost importance that we dig deeper to find that objective truth and we let that guide us, no matter what the law, the church or society tells us.  

If the law does not give you guidance on a particular issue, that doesn’t mean there is no right and wrong to your actions on that issue.  It means society will not penalize you, no matter the action you take. There’s no law against being rude to everyone you meet, it doesn’t mean that your actions are morally neutral, you are still wrong in your actions.  

If a law is unjust, you have a moral obligation to disobey it.  I recently read about a town in California who is fining a family for hosting a Bible study in their home.  They’re being told they’re a church and need to pay all the necessary fees and get all the necessary permits in order to be a church. They’re not a church, they’re having a few friends over once a week to talk, it just so happens they’re talking about the Bible.  In reality, this is nothing more than anti-Christian discrimination and I pray this family continues doing what they’re doing even if they have to do it in secret. 

Doing the right thing is hard sometimes.  And we’re all going to fail in pursuit of a perfect life.  However, do not be lazy and fall back on someone else’s opinions or laws.  Find truth and follow it to the end.